Saturday, March 27, 2010

4 More to Adore!!!

I know I am really late at posting this blog, but I couldn't not post it because the Joy and excitement found at a homecoming is just undescribable! Apart from angels singing Hallelujah and seeing our Lord face to face there are few things in life that can well you up with emotion as a child who was once an orphan coming home. They are surrounded by love and excitement by people they've never seen that love them deeper than they'll ever know. We had that joy as we welcomed our neighbors and friends home from Ethiopia with FOUR children...Nati 12, Mercy 9, Isaiah 6 and James 4 earlier this month.
It was nothing short of a miracle to watch all four of these children walk hand in hand with their forever family. I call it a miracle because we have watched this family prayerfully wait for this moment almost a year and a half now. At one point they were believing for two of these precious kids to be released from a horrible situation.
Mckenzie excited to greet her BFF ....Mercy! Watching her wait and pray for her friend to come has been another way God has shown me His patient love towards me!
Matthew is ready to have four more kids in the cul de sac to play with!!! "Summer is going to rock, Mom!" much as we have tried to explain that the Mihnovich family is getting four
more kids that will live next door....well, he just thinks Ethiopia is moving to America.
He's been fun to watch at these homecomings!!!
Micah meeting Isaiah for the first time! They are really close in age and they love adventure!!! I think they have given me an ulcer by going down my driveway in a wagon trying to hit everything in their path! (Including me!!!) They have fun being boys and are becoming great buddies, but any time they are together I make sure bike helmets are on them!!!
Elle...who is also our kids babysitter and Levi....the kid who launched a thousand
adoptions....go, Levi, go!!!! Micah can't keep his eyes off Elle! (He knows a good thing when he sees it!)
Elle with her new brother and sister at the airport! Both wonderful kids to be around!
It takes an amazing family to step up and take the responsibility of four more children. The Mihnovich family shines the Love of Jesus Christ in all they do, when Tracy told me they were adopting four, I almost expected it. I was still blown away by it though!!! After all, she had just returned with a 9 month old blessing from Ethiopia, Levi, who steals everyone's heart! Now this family of FIVE would open their arms to FOUR more who needed a home, hope and unrestrained Love!
Micah and Matthew with a new friend....Nati!

McKenzie and her new buddy, Mercy. McKenzie loves Mercy! It was only the power of prayer that brought all four of these precious children into the arms of this family.

I stood amazed as they were walking towards us after landing in Nashville. Here were four children who had been in the worst conditions life can offer: orphaned at a young age, living in poverty and horrible conditions, hopeless for a better tomorrow. Now...they walk hand in hand with a family committed to love them as their own and smother them with kisses every day. A family that would embrace every dream they could possibly have and cherish every smile. Meals made with love and clean water to drink. A family that would love them in the good days and the hard days ahead.

The greatest thing of all is that they were rescued by a family who knows what it is like to be rescued by a loving God out of a hopeless situation. A God who wants only the best for them and their lives on this Earth. God blessed the Mihnovich family with four more beautiful children to love. No longer orphans pushed aside by society. They are loved, chosen and cherished.

As camera flashes went off capturing the moment they arrived at the airport that night, I couldn't help but wonder if they knew what a blessing they all of us standing in awe of what God had done to bring them to America.

You can follow the Mihnovich's on their blog: ourunveiledfaces (click on my sidebar)


  1. Such a beautiful post. It was so wonderful to be there and be a part of their welcoming.

    It was also nice to officially "meet" you that evening. Hope your family is doing well.

  2. oh, i love the pic around the table...what a great cul de sac yall have :) wish i lived next door :)kj

  3. You captured it SO well, Missy--your words echo my heart. Many miracles going on , on that block for sure!! We are blessed to be backdoor neighbors to each and ALL of you!! Much Love, Gillian and Crew

  4. What a wonderful blessing for everyone!! God is alive and well!!!

  5. Wow I wish I lived on your block, sounds like alot of Jesus loving going on! How beautiful to witness the miraculous love of our Lord in action through the obedience of this family!

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