Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Capturing The Moments

There are ten families who traveled to Ethiopia with us from all parts of America to bring home a child. Now, if you ever want to connect to quality, loving hearted people with a love for God and a heart to change the world....this is one of the places you will find them. I am genuinely touched by the stories of others who have walked the road to adopt for whatever reason. They have a perspective of the world that I want more of. I don't hear complaining or politics...I just hear people who have stepped up and said, "I want to help." Once you see how one life can be changed and it is a big change, you look for the next one. One at a time. It's like the starfish story. The little boy throwing starfish into the ocean and a man says, "it's not going to matter, there are too many." The boy picks up another one, tosses it into the sea and says, "it mattered to THAT one!"

That ONE for us is Micah Shewit. It has been 3 nights and 2 amazing days with him. To date, we have downloaded over 700 pictures that he has taken with my camera. (We are continually wrestling it from Shewit to get a few of him!) I've had to recharge my battery 3 times! It usually lasts about 6 months. If you want to know what our hotel room looks like, I've got it from every angle! At first we thought it was just the fun of electronics for him, but now I know he is trying to capture each moment of his new journey. We know that Micah has been through more traumatic moments in his 6 years than our lives put together - moments he wants to forget and hopefully because of his age, many will be erased. These moments, he wants to remember. (Pray that God will heal his memory)

Yesterday the older children went back to Hannah's Hope Orphanage to play with their friends and give the special nurses a chance to see them again. Matthew & McKenzie were invited to stay as well. Matthew took some Hot Wheels to pass out & McKenzie took candy & stickers. Micah Shewit helped Matthew give out the toys and McKenzie give out candy. Then I saw Matthew eyeing the big blocks - by the time we left he had the children surrounding him as he showed them how to create masterpieces with blocks! He was in heaven. They were delighted.

Johannas, Almaz's assistant, took us to an area to shop for authentic Ethiopian gifts & keepsakes from Africa for our children to have something from their heritage. We were immediately surrounded by street children. One kept asking for my tennis shoes I had on. I was ready to give them to him, but they were an inch too small. What I would have given to have bigger feet! It is heart breaking to see the poverty & desperation. Mark fell in love with a little street boy about McKenzie's age. He didn't approach us like the others, but stayed back & just smiled at us. Mark talked to him and learned his name. He followed us everywhere we went - I finally gave him a lollipop. He was so thankful. If he had been at the orphanage, I think we would be bringing home 2 sons! It opened my eyes to a world we don't see in Nashville, TN. I just want to put bunk beds in each room to bring them home, love them, feed them and give them an opportunity to go out & be world changers. We are so blessed. I can see why Jesus loved to be with the children. I can only imagine what one word or touch from him would inspire in their hearts. I hope my lollipop inspired more than a cavity.

When we were headed back to the orphanage, Johannas got a call that McKenzie was crying. When we got there, she was happy as could be. Shewit ran past her as soon as he saw the van. He gave Mark a hug & then tried to look in the van. His little eyes found mine & his arms went out to me. (A very good sign that he is bonding with us) When we asked McKenzie why she was crying, she told us it wasn't her, but Micah Shewit. He wanted him mommy & daddy. I cried tears of joy.

All of your prayers are responsible & I can't thank you enough for standing beside us on this journey. I know there are tough days ahead, but with prayer, I know God is in control of this transition period - not the experts. Little Micah Shewit has defied the odds on every level of life. God made him with a purpose. I am so humbled and thankful that God allowed us to be the parents that would take him through the rest of his journey. I don't know what I did right or why He would pick me to receive this blessing, but I am eternally grateful & pray I honor him each step of the way. God had to bring us half-way across the world to find our son who was searching for us...Micah Shewit has finally found his family - I am so thankful its ours!


  1. Hi - just found your blog. We are also with AGCI and have 2 boys at HH. 4 and 18 months. We have our court date this week. I would love to hear about your time and am so thankful to find your blog. We are part of the African Fellowship group here.



  2. Missy, you win a prize for sharing such wonderful updates. You seem like a mama just overflowing with love for her children. I'm still shocked and amazed at your story, your patience, your joy... love it!

  3. Wow, this next post, once again, is just incredible! All of it...

    ... and the part that just brought my tears falling {they were already trying to fall} is when McKenzie was crying and the REASON she was crying. That is so precious...

    Love you sweet Missy and the joy in your eyes is that of Christ's love for the children. You are awesome...


  4. This article speaks the truth. When I needed state foia I turned to these guys. They have the know how and experience.